Simca Color Cement


Simca Color Cement

Simca Color Mortar

Benvid Color Cement with the trade name of Simca is similar to other cements from the view of reaction to weather and climate conditions and shows similar reaction. Simca Color Cement consists of exporting Portland white cement with resistance of 52.5 CEMW together with Bayferrox thoroughly mineral pigments which enjoys very high color consistency.


BenvidSimca color is used as the basic cement product for manufacturing color products such as flooring, terrazzo, concrete blocks & curbs, artificial stone, and even implementation of integrated color concrete at place. It is obvious that the consumption rate of this cement, like white and grey cements, depends on the mixture plan of each of cement or concrete products being subject to the carat determined for them.


Of course, if the use of Simca color cement is intended for the face cover, it is better to make use of another product of this company entitled Simca color coverage including all additives necessary for using in the face.

Simca Color Cement

In accordance with the test methods of National Standard Test of Iran, the rate of compressive strength determined for the average of main eight colorsis as below:

  • – 3-day compressive strength: 245 kg/cm
  • – 7-day compressive strength: 323 kg/cm
  • – 28-day compressive strength: 470 kg/cm
  • – 28-day compressive strength: 470 kg/cm
  • Duration of preliminary set of this product is 55 minutes and the duration of final set is 170 minutes. Meanwhile, the Blaine level of Simca color cement is equivalent to 3300 cm/gr and the percentage of its autoclave expansion is equivalent to 2%.

Now, Benvid Simca color cement is produced and supplied in 8 main colors, including blue, CB10, yellow, CY20, red, CR30, green, CG40, brown, CBR50, orange, CO60, black, CK70, each withthree spectra, light, medium, and dark. Of course, it is possible to produce colors outside of these spectra upon customer’s order.

Benvid color cement is supplied in three-layered paper bags weighing between 16 and 20 kg (due to the difference of the weight of different colors). Meanwhile, the product may be supplied in a customized manner in larger jumbo bags.

Generally speaking, the storage manner of color cement is similar to other cements and no more than five bags should be overlaid. The cement should be kept in a roofed, dry, and moisture-free place. The stored amounts should be consumed in less than four months.

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