National Production, National Honor
National Production, National Honor
The Iranian goods with high quality pave the way for exports bringing about exaltation and pride for our beloved country, Iran.
Promotion of quality product requires the realization of national boom
Promotion of quality product requires the realization of national boom
Discovery & Manufacturing of high quality productsin the state construction industry
Pioneer in construction and development
Pioneer in construction and development
Cement production operation making use of state of the art machineries and technical know-how will increase quality.

Why US ?

The construction operation of the factory was commenced in 2001 and the factory was operated in 2004. Having obtained all kinds of standards, the factory, now, distributes high quality and resistant product with the whiteness of over 88% and the limestone with the best analysis all over the country and in the Central Asia.


The main part of machineries and equipment of the factory was purchased from T.K.F.CO of Germany and part of them was constructed by the domestic specialists and manufacturers and under higher supervision of the German consultants and by the concerted efforts of the domestic skilled experts in the field of installation operation.

News & Media Releases

Here you may pursue the latest news and notices of Benvid Cement Company and become informed of our latest notices, activities, and notifications

Benvid White Cement Co.

Benvid White Cement Company is one of the seven white cement production companies in Iran, which is located in the central part of the geographical map of the country in Esfahan 20km from Naein and Benvid Area.

Our company was established aiming to produce the highest quality products for the construction industry and to employ the Iranian youth throughrelying on the highly experienced directors in the construction industry and familiar with the equipment.

Professional Ethics and Quality is our job credit

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Sourosh Sepehr

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Sourosh Sepehr

Production Process

A quality product is obtained via its production process. Given the importance of the issue, the production method of this company is explained here.

Certificates and Honors

Benvid Cement Company as one of state of the art white cement production companies in the country has the main objective of promoting the quality of the cement and increasing the production power. To this end, the company has been able to obtain numerous internal and international certificates relying on the technical knowledge of its own engineers and managers and the modern equipment.

Criticisms & Suggestions

In compliance with customer orientation and the esteeming of the customers’ rights, Benvid White Cement Company is always ready to receive your suggestions and criticisms.