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Benvid white cement CO. as one of the most modern white cement factories in Iran has aimed to promote both the quality & increase in capacity of its white cement.
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Colored Mortar

1-colored mortar for filling in gaps in walls

This product is supplied as ready made and in various colors forfilling in gaps in brick walls, tiles and Ceramics.

Colore d mortar need no additives except water, which is mixed in with sufficient amount and processed such that when applied completely fills the gap between tiles or Ceramics and hardens completely.

Application of special trowel tool is recommended.

2- Colored mortar for decorative purposes

This product is suitable for decorative and ornamental cement and supplied ready made in various colors. Needs no additives with very fine particles which facilitate your decorative purposes.

3-Water resistant colored mortar

This product is supplied in various colors and in single base. Hardens in 3 to 5 hours after application with a curing period of max. 2 weeks, in which becomes completely water resistant, thus recommended for places with high humidity and wet.


Samix is the trade name for ready made masonary white mortar which is supplied in 2 kg bags or 500 kg/1000 kg Jumbo bags.

Nowadays ready made mortar has replaced the traditional mixture of Cement and sand or Crushed stone, thus using it has become the standard requirement for buildings.

Benvid white Cement Co has performed the production of ready made white mortar, to advance & promote modern building materials hopping to save and reduce consumption of Cement. 

SAMIX application:

Samix mortar is used for tile works, Ceramic works, paving and finishing coat by trowel. This mortar is only mixed with tap water and no other material is required.

Color Diversity

At present, this product is offered in eight main colors including white (WH00), blue (BL10), yellow (YE20), red (RE30), green (GR40), brown (BR50), orange (OR60) and Black (BK70) that except the white color they all include seven color shades that bring the total number of colors to 56.

Our company is also able to produce and supply colors not included in this range as per request and order of the customers. For better introduction to all 56 available colors of colored cements please visit

or contact the colored cement unit of Benvid Company or our sales representatives in different cities.

Benvid white Cement co, R&D group has been able to produce new colored mortar such as gold, silver , turquoise , chrome yellow, ultramarine and green which apart from posessing cement mortar characteristics, play an important role in interior decorative ornaments in different constructional projects.


- Adhesiveness to Cement, concrete and surfaces with durability ofthebuilding life.

- Uniform, clear and dispersant all over the performed surface.

- Without Cracks and peeling after curing.

- Color stability and sun ray resistant at least for 5years.

- Very economic in comparison with other building materials.

- Easy and quick execution (100- 250 m2/day)

-In compliance with regulations of multi storey building regarding

light weight materials and detaching façade.

-Possibility of special colors such as metallic or gold as per customer’srequest.

-Possibility of dust and water repellency after Curing.

Method and quantity of order

At the moment, ordering colored mortar can be made in the following two methods:

1. Product sale and application by the agencies of the Benvid white cement company that are authorized to apply the colored mortars

2. Product sales under supervision of the authorized experts of the company. This method can be used after selecting the color and matching it with the samples presented at our main office and sales agencies.

As a result, considering that the quality of the Benvid colored mortar is approved and recommended by the execution and curing group, supplying colored mortar by a method rather than those mentioned above is impossible at present.

In order to select the mortar color used for coating the facades, it is necessary for the buyer to have the final plan for the façade color.

The design unit of Benvid white cement company is also ready to suggest colors for the building façades as per order of the customers.

The minimum order quantity for each color of the colored mortar is 5 tone.


Colored cement and mortar are supplied in 16-20 and 25 kg bags, with color code and color label on bags .To ensure correctness of total weight, orders are weighed before leaving the factory . This product is also supplied in Jumbo bags of 500 and 1000 kg.

Method and Duration of preservation

In general, preservation of colored cement and mortar is the same as other kinds of mortars and more than five bags of 25kg each should not be stacked. 25kg bags and jumbo bags should be kept in dry and covered spaces and away from humidity. The stored quantity of colored cement and mortar must be used in maximum 4 months.

Method of Application

Considering that this mortar is supplied in dry and readymade form, it needs no additives such as slate powder when being mixed with water. The water used for mixing must be free of any impurity, fully transparent and of edible level. When mixing the mortar with water attention to adjusting the volume of the mortar made with the duration of application is necessary. As a result, after mixing any quantity of mortar with water, adding water when mortar is being set is fully prohibited and the excess mortar must be discarded by the end of each application.The details of application method can bprovided by the sales agencies at the time of delivery.  

Method of execution and application:

Readymade colored mortar can generally be applied by spraying (with hand sprays or pneumatic spray guns) or float coating (like application of white cement over the cement coat using a trowel). In float coating, the underbed must be first coated with dash-bond coat and then the colored mortar must be applied on top. In the latter, the quantity of the mortar used (which will have a minimum thickness of 3-4 mm) should be at least 7 kg per square meter. Using this method is not recommended due to slow work progress and high mortar consumption.

In float coating method in which the mortar is sprayed using manual or pneumatic spray guns the underbed must be coated dash-bond coat. Furthermore, there is no need for the coating to be applied with white cement. In float coating if, in case the coating surface is applied as flat and pocketless as possible and the surface appearance is satisfactory application of coating can be avoided and the ready made colored mortar can be sprayed directly on the coating (which is of flat and acceptable surface). The mortar volume used in spraying method is1.5-2 kg per square meter in two coatings. Using this method is highly recommended considering the high speed of application, the uniformity of the mortar color, no fraction or cracking and the low cost of application. In this method, by masking the façade different designs, shapes and colors can be put together.

Sales and application refrences for colored mortar:

1- 1200 units of Mehr housing project of Zayandeh Rud housing Investment Company- Isfahan, Shahinshahr.

2- 1700 units of Shamsoshomus Mehr housing project- Pakdasht.

3- 1600 units of Mehrehashtom Mehr housing project- Varamin.

4- 144 units of Negin59 Mehr housing project- Parand newcity.

5- 500 units of Isfahan Teransheh company Mehr housing project- Isfahan.

6- Imam Ali hospital- Najaf, Iraq.

7- 500 units of Shariati hospital cooperative company - Hashtgerd.

8- Bazar Masaleh Maskan company- Hashtgerd.

9- Tehran city zone 9-Approximately 3000 of beautification urban landscape.

10- 2000 units of Hesa4 project- Hashtgerd.

11- 120 units of Golenarges2 project- Firuzkuh.

12- Several private villa in Kelardasht, Karaj, Lavasan.

13- Tuska apartment - Karaj.

14- 1670 units of Amin Mehr housing project- Pakdasht.

15- 80 units of Imam Ali company project- Firuzkuh.

16- Benvid school village- Na’in.

17- ceremonial Inn ministry of oil - Tehran.

18- Asar Tus company building- Mashhad.

19- Pardis Abnieh Shargh company- Neyshabur.

20- Hesar Pushesh Fars company- Shiraz.

New Product
Colored Cement & Mortar
New product
Today, the production and application of colored cement and its byproducts has been widely welcomed in all aspects of construction of architectural structures.
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pictures of projects and factory of Benvid white cement CO.
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