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Benvid white cement CO. as one of the most modern white cement factories in Iran has aimed to promote both the quality & increase in capacity of its white cement.
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Samix is the trade name for ready made masonary white mortar which is supplied in 2 kg bags or 500 kg/1000 kg Jumbo bags.

Nowadays ready made mortar has replaced the traditional mixture of Cement and sand or Crushed stone, thus using it has become the standard requirement for buildings.

Benvid white Cement Co has performed the production of ready made white mortar, to advance & promote modern building materials hopping to save and reduce consumption of Cement.

SAMIX application:

Samix mortar is used for tile works, Ceramic works, paving and finishing coat by trowel. This mortar is only mixed with tap water and no other material is required.

New Product
Colored Cement & Mortar
New product
Today, the production and application of colored cement and its byproducts has been widely welcomed in all aspects of construction of architectural structures.
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pictures of projects and factory of Benvid white cement CO.
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