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Benvid white cement CO. as one of the most modern white cement factories in Iran has aimed to promote both the quality & increase in capacity of its white cement.
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Colored Cement

Benvid colored cement has the same reaction to water and climatic factors as the other cements. This cement is made of standard Benvid white cement, according to the provided analysis, and Eropean pigments (in standard levels).


This product can be used as the base cement element in production of colored products such as fibercement, artificial stone flooring blocks, curbstones, mosaic, flooring concrete and ….

Adding slate powder and using this product for interior and exterior rendering is not recommended at all and in case you have such an intention, we emphasize on using readymade colored mortar, which is another product of Benvid Company.

Color Diversity:

At present, this product is produced in six main colors of yellow, orange, green, brown, red, each with two shades of dark and light.

We are also capable of producing colors outside the above-mentioned Scope as per the customer’s request. For better introduction to all 56 available colors of colored cements please visit or contact the colored cement unit of Benvid Company.


Colored cement is provided in 25kg bags with code, main color and color sample label mentioned on them. Bulk colored cement can be provided in 500 and 1000kg jumbo bags as per customer’s request.

Method and Duration of preservation:

In general, preservation of colored cement is the same as other kinds of cements and more than five bags of 25kg each should not be stacked. 25kg bags and jumbo bags should be kept in dry and covered spaces and away from humidity. The stored quantity of colored cement must be used in maximum 4 months.

Method and Quantity of Order:

For ordering colored cement, it is necessary to select colors according to the available catalogue and to check their conformity with the available samples in our main office and sales agencies. After that, the written order can be placed according to the selected type and color codes and the requested quantities.

The minimum order quantity for each color is 1,500 kg. Samples can be sent to the customer by written request before the main order is placed.



New Product
Colored Cement & Mortar
New product
Today, the production and application of colored cement and its byproducts has been widely welcomed in all aspects of construction of architectural structures.
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pictures of projects and factory of Benvid white cement CO.
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