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Benvid white cement CO. as one of the most modern white cement factories in Iran has aimed to promote both the quality & increase in capacity of its white cement.
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White Cement

White Cement with Iranian standard No. 2931 is one of the various types of cement with a characteristic that the chromatic chemical elements are not present in raw material and production process is slightly different than grey cement. Due to the same this type of cement besides the whiteness has a relatively higher strength compared to grey Portland cement. Benvid white cement with a production capacity of 200,000 tons/year due to high quality of quarries and precise control of production process by well equipped licensed ISO-17025 laboratory has a uniform product and stands well above the defined and prescribed standards for cement.                                                                                   

Benvid white cement has also acquired European standard CEM I 42.5N and high quality trophy for production efficiency& low energy consumption from Iranian Cement Association in two successive years.                                                                      

White cement application comprises, building façade, Ceramic and tile works, groove filling, decorative interior/exterior works, mosaics, artificial stones, flooring, pre-fabricated walls, concrete parts, curb stones, blocks and etc.                                        

Also due to its high compressive strength, it is used in applications where high strength and durability is expected.                                                                   

Benvid White Cement product is presented in bulk, 50, 40, 25 kg AD star bags, 1.5 ton jumbo bag and 50kg in 2 ton pallet jumbo.


New Product
Colored Cement & Mortar
New product
Today, the production and application of colored cement and its byproducts has been widely welcomed in all aspects of construction of architectural structures.
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pictures of projects and factory of Benvid white cement CO.
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