Samix Mortars


Samix Masonry-ready mortars

Samix Mortars

This mortar is used in the finishing of the exterior face of the buildings and grouting installation of different kinds of ceramics, stones, terrazzo on the floor. Meanwhile, this mortar is used for grout-affixing of tiles on the wall with the thickness of one centimeter. General masonry & repair consumptions are among other usages of this product.


The use of Samix as the best substitute for traditional mixture of stone powder and cement not only omits the man error in mixing the materials and remarkably decreases the wasting of expensive building materials such as cement, but also renders the cost price of the mortar cost effective by decreasing the number of the manpower; and among other specifications of Samix is its easy transport due to the special design of the bags.


In order to make use of this mortar, it is enough to add the contents of the bag to clean water and simultaneously mix it. The amount of consumer water may change due to the place of consumption. We had better make use of electrical mixers for thoroughly mixing this product with water. At the time of manufacturing and using mortar, we should avoid direct contact between our skin and mortars by wearing gloves.


The appropriate time for making use of the made mortar is between one and two hours and the best temperature for mixing is between 10°c & 30°c.

The consumption rate of this mortar is 4.1 kg/m2 for each millimeter of depth.

The most appropriate depth for plastering is between 2 and 4mm and for further depths, and for further depths, plastering should be performed for several times after complete hardening of the mortar.

Samix Mortars